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Prospect for Wind Power Generation

May 28, 2018

China's new energy generation industry, such as wind power development prospects are very broad, China's new energy strategy begins to focus on developing wind power, the future is expected to maintain high-speed development for a long time, while profitability will also increase steadily with the gradual maturation of technology.

July 28, 2017, the National Energy Administration issued the "Renewable Energy development" Thirteen-Five "guidance on the implementation of the plan" document, requiring all localities to take the absorptive as the premise of a renewable energy power construction layout, to play the role of special high pressure cross-region elimination; At the same time issued the "2017-2020 New construction scale scheme of wind power", and put forward 2017-2020 China's new construction scale of 30.65GW, 28.84GW, 26.6GW, 24.31GW, total 110.41GW. Among them, north China and east China are the major development areas in the future.