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Daily maintenance of SUV winch

Jun 06, 2018

1. Check whether there is obvious damage in the appearance, such as scratches, bumpy, etc. Check the external circuit and the insulating sheath, if there is any damaged please replace it timely.

2. Split and check the integrity of the line connection, especially the integrity of the connection at the interface. If the line is aging or is with any other damaged, replace it in a timely manner.

3. After a long period of use, especially on some bad terrain roads, such as sand, mud, and mountains, etc. Winch shells and other parts will gather a lot of dust, sand. Therefore, dust cleaning and maintenance work should be carried out at regular intervals to ensure that accumulated dust and oil will not affect the normal operation of the winch, and even cause damage to the key parts of the winch. This will help ensure the life of the winch and normal operation and performance.

4. Check the winch brake device. Each part must be disassembled and carefully inspected to ensure its integrity and to ensure that it does not have any defects.

5. As the core part of the entire winch: The motor, determines the performance of the entire winch. Therefore, the performance and integrity of this motor are crucial to a winch.

Separate the housing of the motor and check the condition of the internal structure and the connection of the circuit. Each solder joint on the carbon brush must be inspected carefully. According to the maintenance process, the necessary cleaning steps for the key cleanable parts of the motor rotor must be carried out, and stay focused on even the smallest details

6. Perform the inverse operation in the order of disassembly and reassemble the winch. The key part is oiled to ensure its self-lubrication.