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About Off-road vehicle Winches

Jun 08, 2018

Off-road vehicle electric winch, its power part, the motor also has two kinds, are the permanent magnet motor and the series motor. The former has the characteristics of fast movement, high power, suitable for long time rolling and high cost, and the latter is with low current, classical, simple structure and low cost of the traditional form. Now the vehicle's power storage capacity is large, so the current mainstream SUV winch’s high-power motors use more series magnet motor. To determine whether a winch is a permanent magnet motor or a series motor, as long as you look the number of lines output from the control box to the motor section, if you see the lines, the motor is the permanent magnet motor and if, three lines, is the series motor

There are three type winches:

External winch: External winch is to install the winch directly on the outside of the bumper. Brands such as Jeep Wrangler and BJ2020 off-road vehicle, because the front bumper is more prominent than the car body, so there is more freedom space to install, and you can fix the winch directly on the tray, as long as place the tray in the bumper.

Portable winch: The portable winch is equipped with a mechanism that allows quick installation on the vehicle. The front and rear bumpers of the vehicle are equipped with a square interface, and this is the application of the quick-mount winch. And connects this interface to the universal caliber of the off-road vehicle, and then just insert the winch into this interface and then can plug in the trailer.

Hidden Winch: Hidden winch is to install the winch inside the bumper. Like the Grand Cherokee SUV, it needs a coordinated appearance. So the off-road vehicle accessories factory designed a special bumper for it, and the winch can be installed inside.