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Wind Power Generation

May 25, 2018

The kinetic energy of the wind is transformed into mechanical kinetic energy, and then the mechanical energy is converted into electric energy, this is wind power generation. The principle of wind power generation is to use the wind to drive the windmill blades to rotate, and then to increase the speed of rotation through the growth machine to urge the generator to generate electricity. Basing on the current windmill technology, about three meters per second breeze speed (the degree of the breeze) can start to generate electricity.

Wind power is forming a boom in the world, because the wind is one of the pollution-free energy, and it is inexhaustible. For water shortages, fuel shortages and inaccessible coastal islands, grassland pastoral areas, mountainous and highland areas, the use of wind power is very suitable and promising. Offshore wind power is an important field of renewable energy development, it is an important force to promote the progress of wind power technology and industrial upgrading, and is an important measure to promote the adjustment of energy structure. China's abundant offshore wind energy resources and speeding up the construction of offshore wind power projects have great significance in promoting the governance atmospheric haze, the adjustment energy structure and the transformation economic development mode of coastal region.