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Family distributed photovoltaic

May 24, 2018

The family distributed photovoltaic, as the most close to the people living, because of its quick effect, small investment, simple grid, subsidy timely and so on, is the most promising field at present.

The first is quick. Family distributed photovoltaic is with the fastest application process, the fastest installation, the fastest grid, the fastest access to the most subsidized applications. Typically, a home power station takes only 10 working days to obtain access advice. The whole installation process is usually not more than 3 days, on-grid acceptance generally does not exceed 7 days, and subsidies generally do not exceed 3 months a cycle. As a result, the entire process can be completed in as fast as 15 days.

The second is with small investment. In China, in the general city Villa household electricity consumption is large, but China's villas most are with European-style roofs, and the roof is with large facing, therefore, the most of installation capacity is 5-8kwp, and individual large villas or high roof rack can install more than 10kWp; and 5-8kwp solar energy system investment only need 60-100 thousand yuan. In the general rural, although the roof of villas is large, but our subsidies method is spontaneous for private and the extra electricity for power grid, the general electricity consumption will not be too much, therefore, the rural roof installation capacity is generally 3-5kwp. In this way, the countryside can enjoy the solar system only with about 30-50 thousand yuan.

The third is the simple grid-connection. Grid-connected process only need provide the certificate of property rights, ensuring is with the grid installed metering meter, then you can apply for a free distributed photovoltaic power generation access. At the same time, the power company will provide two electricity meter, and access to the design for free. Installation also does not require special access equipment, grid-connected switches, only inverter is ok, which is in line with the requirements.

Finally, subsidies are timely. At present, distributed home power station subsidies are the fastest in all new energy projects, generally 3 months of execution, the longest nor more than 6 months. This allows all solar roof users to see and believe the benefits returned on investment in solar energy.