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Why The Contactor Does Not Suck

Jun 22, 2018

The reason of that the contactor does not suck is mostly because of that the coil of contactor itself didn’t get the voltage supply, and is rarely because of the coil disconnected or armature jam. You can judge with a multimeter to measure the operating voltage of contactor coil, and when in no voltage suppling condition, continue to find whether the function of the control contact connected in series with the contactor coil is normal or not; finally, find out the fault point. (Of course, if the coil has voltage, still can’t suck, it can be replaced directly)

1. The short circuit of the contactor coil.

2. Check whether the power supply voltage is normal.

3. Check the power source is ac or dc.

4. Check whether the power switch is on and whether the start circuit is open circuit.