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Special material and key technology of DC contactor for electric vehicle

Nov 27, 2018

The R&D and design of any product must rely on proper selection of raw materials, advanced technological measures, stable parts, and perfect manufacturing process before it can be fully transformed into the product. Raw materials, manufacturing process and production line are the key elements of design transformation.

1) Material property requirements for key components of electric vehicle DC contactors                                     


Material Requirement

Arc extinguishing chamber material

High temperature resistance, High electrical   resistance, high mechanical strength, good insulation, stable chemical   performance, corrosion resistance

binding post

High purity, high conductivity, easy welding,   corrosion resistance, good welding performance

magnet yoke

Good corrosion resistance、Good oxidation resistance、high-permeability

arc-extinguishing medium

Stable performance, good arc extinguishing ability

Magnetic blowing permanent magnet

stable performance difficult oxidation、Good dielectric properties,High permeability

Welding spacer of arc extinguishing chamber

low expansion coefficient,well welding property

Epoxy type sealing material

high voltage withstand、impact resistance、anti-aging、High shear and peel strength,high and low   temperature resistant,

low shrinkage,small coefficient of linear expansion,high   bonding strength

guide rail

stand wear and tear、flame- resistant,high and low temperature   resistant, Lubricate well

2) Key process design and equipment support

Manufacturing process is a sufficient condition to ensure reliable quality and stable performance, must depend on certain hardware establishment to be able to safeguard, Tooling equipment and production line should bear the brunt.

1. Welding technology and welders

      Laser welding technology is the key technology to guarantee product quality and reliability, the main purpose of welding is to ensure good sealing effect, the coil and contact are free from oxidation and pollution, ensure the stability of contact resistance.

Necessary equipment: laser welding machine, air tightness detection device, vacuum and gas filling device.

2. Packaging technology and equipment

Pouring technology is one of the key technologies of epoxy sealant contactor. The combination degree of the gel and the product and the density degree of the gel are the key points to be guaranteed.

Necessary equipment: filling machine, vacuum table, drying device.

3.  Testing process and equipment

The electrical life of contactor is a key performance index. Loading failure test is the last safeguard checkpoint before the product leaves the factory.

Necessary equipment: Dc power supply, resistance load, intelligent control and protection device