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Adaptive design of contactors for electric vehicles

Nov 22, 2018

1.Design for environmental adaptation

Different from general industrial contactor products. Environmental conditions are more stringent for the adaption of electric vehicle contactors, and should meet these standards: wide temperature range, high protection class, high vibration resistance.

1)High and low temperature design :  Meet the temperature requirement of electric vehicles and charging piles for normal use in extreme weather.  Environment temperature for product storage: -55~+125℃, The normal working environment temperature is -25~+40℃, The ambient temperature in the limit is -40~+85℃.

2) protection grade design : It needs to work under harsh conditions, It can be used normally in rain and dust environment. The product completely prevents the dust from entering and meets the requirement of short-term immersion, the protection level reaches IP67.

3) Vibration resistance design: Products need to have strong vibration resistance and impact resistance. To meet the special needs of the vehicle in various road conditions.

2. security reliability design

Safety reliability is the first and most critical element to measure the dc contactor of electric vehicles, It is mainly reflected in arc extinguishing ability, insulation voltage and so on.

Dc arc no crossing the zero-point, and the arc is difficult to extinguish after burning arc. The product structure is designed as a two - break point straight motion, the arc extinguishing method of filling compressed gas in the sealed arc extinguishing chamber can achieve good arc extinguishing ability. The main principle is: After the arc is heated, a high pressure gas is formed with the filled gas, the increase of gas pressure makes the thermal dissociation drop dramatically, the pressure difference between the arc gap and the arc extinguishing chamber makes the gas move faster, the cooling effect intensifies, and the arc extinguishes quickly.