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The Maintenance For Contactor

Jun 15, 2018

Checking the operation of the contactor regularly and performing necessary maintenance are important measures to ensure that it operates reliably and to prolong its life. The power must be off before checking and repairing :

1. Appearance inspection

1.1 To remove dust, wipe off the oil using a cotton cloth with gasoline and then wipe it with a cloth.

1.2 Tighten all screws of connecting wires to prevent loosening and causing heating of the connection section.

2. Contact system check

Check whether the auxiliary contact action is flexible, whether the static contact is loose or fall off. The contact distance and stroke must meet the requirements. Use a multimeter to measure the contact resistance. If you find that the contact is bad and difficult to repair, replace the new contact.

3. Overhaul of the core

3.1 Wipe the end face with cotton and dip in gasoline to remove oil or dust.

3.2 Check whether each buffer is complete and the position is correct.

3.3 Check the electromagnet sucking is good, there is no misalignment.

4. Overhaul of the electromagnetic coil

4.1 Check whether the electromagnetic coil is overheated. The overheating of the coil is reflected in the aging and discoloration of the outer layer. The overheating of the coil is generally caused by a short circuit between the turns. At this time, the resistance of the coil can be compared with that of a similar coil. If it cannot be repaired, the coil should be replaced.

4.2 Whether the lead wire and the wiper are open or disconnected.

4.3 The coil skeleton has no crack, abrasion or abnormal fixation. If found to be fixed or replaced as soon as possible.