Grounding Copper Electrical Spring Contact

Grounding Copper Electrical Spring Contact

Product Details

Grounding Copper Electrical Spring Contact General Description 

AOKAI manufactures all kinds of precision metal stamping parts, such as electrical contact reeds, terminals, spring strip, plug parts, etc. Stamping parts are mainly used for high and low voltage electrical appliances, connectors, plugs, etc.


We use the precision machining equipments, such as Swiss AGIE slow wire cutting machine, AGIE CHARMILLES mirror spark machine, Taiwan precision middle/fast wire cutting machine, precision milling machine, grinder, etc. We can independently design and produce kinds of high challenged hardware continuity molds with good quality and perfect stability. To ensure the long lifetime and stability of the steel molds, we adopt superhard materials such as alloy steel, high-speed steel, tungsten steel, etc to make the moulds.


At present we have more than 20 sets precision stamping machines with different tonnages, and can process many kinds of 0.05-8.00mm rolled (plate) materials. The materials for stamping are red bronze, beryllium copper, phosphor copper, brass, beryllium bronze, rolled steel, spring steel, stainless steel, etc. The surface treatments are polishing, nickel plated, tin plated, gold plated, etc.


We have advanced inspection equipments such as secondary image instrument, ROHS detector, projector, hardness tester, film thickness tester, salt spray test machine, etc, which can ensure the ability of detecting precision stamping products.

Main Application
 Wall switch, conenctor, terminal, battery part, electric kettle, gasket, coil holder, change over switch etc.

Aokai Electric is your best source for the high quality grounding copper electrical spring contact with CE certification. We have been one of the largest such manufacturers and suppliers in China since our establishment in 2008. Welcome to contact our factory for the products.