Electrical Contact Strip

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Electrical Contact Strip General Description 

With the development of electric apparatus towards miniaturization, light weight and highly integration, the contact materials are required to be manufactured into the profiles with mini cross section of single layer or multi layers. They have different cross sections, such as triangle, echelon and other shapes. They have the advantages of decreasing the manufacturing steps and suitable for automatic production, so as to realize the miniaturization of electric apparatus.
 Precious metal clad strips have higher mechanical and contact characteristics than the whole precious metal material. They have lower material cost, and can be directly produced into assembly, which can reduce contact welding process, and increase the dimensions accuracy and assembling accuracy, and decrease processing costs of assemblies .

Main Application
Products with high reliability and automatic manufacturing process, such as general relays, communication relays, automobile relays, micro switches, circuit breakers, contactors, wall switches, stamped electronic assemblies, etc.

Main Material

Ag and Ag Alloy

Ag Metal Oxide

Functional Layer Materials

Ag99.99, AgNi0.15, AgNi10, AgNi12, AgNi15, AgNi20,
     AgCu3, AgCu10, AgCu20

AgSnO2(2-12), AgCdO(10-15), AgZnO(8-10), AgCuO10

Matrix Layer Materials

T2, TU1, TP1, TP2, TAg0.08, Tag0.1, brass, brone, paktong, CuNi9Sn2, CuNi10-44, Fe, CuFe, FeNi, Monel etc.


Dimension Range (mm)

Precious Metal Layer Thickness


Precious Metal Layer Width


Strip Thickness


Strip Width


Different series, types and sizes of products can be supplied according to customers’


Standard Shapes

Cross Section Structures

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