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What Are The Characteristics Of AG Contacts

Dec 24, 2016

Is widely used in the relay silver contact, touch, load switches, circuit breakers and household appliances, automotive electronics (speakers, lights, burning) a switching device, such as a leading touch information. Switching apparatus widely used in analysis/voltage/current in the circuit, its reliability directly affects all of the reliable operation of the power system, and one of the main components of the electrical contacts is switch. Contact product is the product of "heart" part.

Silver-silver metal oxide contact product characteristics are as follows:

① alloys prepared by internal oxidation of good electric contact information detailed of goods, the oxide particles small arc resistance of corrosion and long service life.

II silver oxidation Tin, silver oxidation Tin oxidation indium, and silver oxidation zinc, and silver oxidation copper, and silver oxidation CD, touch head commodity in the increased nickel, and re, trace elements, used low temperature high pressure oxidation skills, arrived commodity particles subtle, and dispersion strengthened of effect, improve commodity of mechanical strength, improved touch head information of anti-melt welding sex, and resistance arc burn loss and resistance electric wear to.

Using melting aerosol, contact oxidation technology to grain refinement, the arrangements even and micro-structure of segregation, elimination of oxides, barren region, making contact information with excellent features.

Mainly used in touch devices, circuit breakers, thermostats, smart switches, etc.

According to the user request, may provide a different range, type, standard products.

Silver contact has high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, low and stable touch resistance, welding and machining functions well. Participation in the fine silver because silver silver, which refines the grain information arrangements, touching resistance is the same case, the mechanical properties and temperature resistance are higher than the silver. Therefore, resistance to let weld and ARC burn better than silver.

Widely used in small volumes and low pressure electric appliance, such as relays, timers, auxiliary switches, appliance switches, control switches, and so on.