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The Normal Operation Of AC Contactor

Dec 24, 2016

The flow of current in a circuit and circuit device are inseparable, as the primary circuit equipment, which is a classic device of AC contactor. And now AC contactor uses two of them is a major part of the iron core, and this part is called AC contactor cores.

Such contactors use what is needed, for internal coils are used, if you are not careful it will cause damage. AC contactor coil control long lines, although the control supply voltage is normal, but due to the effect of line pressure drops, resulting in low control voltage on the terminals of the coil, when the voltage reaches a certain level, core will not snap, current times is to maintain a current in the coil, for a long time, the coil will burn out due to excessive heat. In manufacturing, transportation and installation process, caused by collision or product drop wire and terminal connections mechanical damage, after a period of work, damage burned. And speaking of AC contactor, which requires the use of parts is also very much, such as springs, iron sheets, AC contactor cores, wire all circuits the basic components. And it is precisely because these components now AC contactor.