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Single-row Stitch Design Advanced

Dec 24, 2016

Single pin should be small, as many of the products have to face the development of smaller and lighter, spacing and size, have a certain height requirements, this product will be more sophisticated, such as wire to board the good choice for the small distance between 0.6mm and 0.8mm, high density, high speed, high frequency direction. Miniaturization is the single pin Center spacing smaller, high density is the core.

Role of the single PIN is in the circuit is blocked or isolation between different, play bridge functions, assume the task of current or signals. Usually used with Pai's mother, constitute a Board to Board connection or use with the wiring harness, constitute a Board to line; can also be independent for the Board and Board connection. When people are selecting a PIN, will first take into account the cost control, others are of high quality, high stability, and design features of a single pin itself. In order to avoid electronic designers underestimate the importance of a single PIN in the design process are intended, we give you some suggestions. That at design time must have a double rod design; there is to have a robust design and so on.

Single row needle manufacture raw materials in white light, between the color of silver and nickel, initial weldability, high temperature aging solderability degradation or long-term storage is more serious. Gold-plated bottom intended for contact with the body decorations can also be used for electrical performance requirements are not too high, but of high anti-tarnishing white, good solderability requirements of field collection.