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Precision Stamping Parts In The Production Of Security

Dec 24, 2016

Precision stamping parts quality and precision is to a large extent will depend on the mold, 

so if mold examination process is no problem, precision stamping parts to meet the standards. 

But we must not forget in precision stamping parts production process, also taking into account safety issues.

Of course refers to the safety issues for precision stamping dies, first structural 

design should as far as possible 

ensure that feed, materials, parts, easy to clean up waste. And for large precision stamping when, if I had 

to make the operators ' hands into the die job, may reduce the scope for input, as well as short as possible 

time a part of the body in mold, also equipped with the necessary protective 

measures and devices as possible.

In time of small precision stamping parts, already without any part of the body close to the work area, so more 

is to prohibit such practices. When stamping mold disassembly should be convenient and safe, avoiding the 

possibility of finger, hand-cut, reducing unnecessary harm.

In addition, not allowed to occur in the processing of precision stamping process waste or workpiece missiles 

because it will affect the operator's attention, even injuring the operator. But too many and difficult movements 

are not allowed in the press when, to avoid harm.

Requirements for precision stamping dies for all kinds of parts, shall have sufficient strength and rigidity to 

prevent damage and deformation in the process, particularly those fasteners against loosening of the measures to 

prevent the operator. All in all, even minor problems will affect security, so be careful.