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Contactors For The Regular Maintenance And Repair

Dec 24, 2016

1, Visual inspection

Remove dust, blotting cloth stained with a small amount of gasoline that are available, and then wipe 

dry with a cloth; tighten all screws of the connection, preventing loose, causing the connection part of the fever.

2, arcing cover repair

1) remove the arc hood, clean hood cast with a brush or metal particles. If arcing cover damaged 

and should be replaced in a timely manner.

2) cascade arc hood, should pay attention to the integrity of the rail or burning deformation, 

serious loosening, position changes, if not easy to repair should be replaced.

3, contact system check

1) check whether the contact registration phase also closed,

Contactor (Figure 9) and adjust the contact springs make three-phase line.

2) shake test and insulation resistance values. Use 500V megohmmeter, its value should not be less 

than 10 mohm.

3) contact wear depth of more than 1mm, or severe burning, welding shed should be replaced with new

 parts. Minor burns or contact creepy, black does not affect the use, may not be processed. If 

affect the contact, light can be used small file to slick.

4) after repair or replacement contact attention contact distance, ultra travel. Contact ultra 

travel will affect the final pressure of the contact.

5) check the auxiliary contact is flexible, static contacts are loose or have fallen off, contact 

distance and itineraries to meet the requirements, available multimeter measuring the contact 

resistance, found that exposure to adverse and difficult to repair, to be replaced with new 


4, repair of iron core

1) wipe the face with cotton yarn stained with gasoline,

Contactor (Figure 10) remove dirt or dust;

2) check whether the buffer is complete, the location is correct;

3) rivets have no rupture, resulting in cores end loose;

4) short circuit rings there is no loss or fracture, especially cracked. If there is fault or 

cause serious noise, you should replace the short circuit rings or cores;

5) check the electro-magnet is good, there is no dislocation.

5, electromagnetic coil repair

1) AC contactor coil when the rated voltage of the power supply voltage in the coil 85%-105%, 

should be able to work reliably.

2) check whether the electromagnetic coil overheating coil overheating reflecting outer surface 

aging, discoloration, and is usually the result of overheating of the coil turn to turn 

short-circuit, you can measure the resistance and similar coils, cannot repair it should be


3) leads and clean the connector without welding or disconnected.

4) coil has no cracks, wear, or not fixed properly. If found should be fixed or replaced as soon 

as possible.