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Classification And Use Of Buttons

Dec 24, 2016

Open-type button is generally used to switch on the Cabinet, console, Control Panel.

-Protection button: with protection casing to prevent internal components against mechanical damage or operator touches live parts.

Waterproof type button: with a sealed housing, prevent water immersion, for outdoor use.

Explosion-proof button: applies to mines and other explosive gases and dust environment.

Anti-corrosion-type buttons: applied chemical corrosive gas environment.

Emergency button: the red mushroom head protrudes from the button outside the nut, for use when you need emergency power-off.

-Key buttons: the only keys to the buttons can operate to prevent misoperation.

Rotary button: use your hands to rotate the Tablet, switch on or off road.

Illuminated buttons: button with LEDs, and light.

Self button: button is equipped with self supporting device, typically a panel operation.

Two-speed button: contact institutions is done by contactors with 2 free batch conversion of winding two-speed motor, motor and other mechanical crane speed transforms.