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What is a relay

Dec 24, 2016

• Coil mounted on "u"-shaped magnet, magnet above the armature of an activity, equipped with two contact springs on either 

side of the magnet. In a State of non-action contact springs hold the armature up, maintain a clearance between the armature 

and magnet. When the torque exceeds reactions between air gap at the moment, armature guide magnet and armature Contact 

shrapnel, the normally closed contacts disconnect the normally open contact closure, relays work done. When the torque is 

reduced to a certain value, due to the reaction moment of contact spring, and make contact with the armature is returned 

to original position, ready to work next time.

• The relay of "u"-shaped magnet with double core structure, that is, two side columns can be installed on the coil. DZY, 

DZL and DZJ type only one coil, and DZB,DZS,DZK can upload another core you need to keep the coil or delay using tablets. 

So that the coil very different types of relays that are common to a magnet.