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The Analysis of Electric-Bicycles

Mar 24, 2017

The analysis of electric-bicycles


Our countrys bicycles industry has a signification innovation since the electric-bicycles was been developed. At present, the electric-bicycles becoming a popular vehicle because with the pro-environment, quickly, convenient and saving energy.


With the development of economy and technology, electric-bicycles s technology also will be perfect and mature,which will bring the new impetus into the social and economic field.


1. The new transport on electric-bicycles

A few years ago, the bicycles have been the major of vehicle, but with the economic development and urban s construction, and a large number of the population growing, which will be caused the problem of traffic jam. Bicycles havent been chose from working person, because the increase of working distance and the energy consumption by bicycles. As the same time, its under too much pressure for the working person if they spend money to buy a car, so people need a fast and economical vehicle, which reflects the importance of electric-bicycles.


2. Pro-environment

The pro-environment always is an important topic in the world. In recent years, the pollution of our environment became more serious due to the increasing of cars and exhaust emissions.But the advantages of the electric-bicycles have non-exhaust pollution, low-noise and saving energy.


3. Improving the traffic situation

At present, although government has taken a lot of measures to improve pro-environment and traffic jams, however, its not effective to solve the traffic situation , especially the peaked period in the morning and evening, even caused traffic accidents. Sometimes the speed of the bus and cars will slowly than electric-bicycles.


In addition, with the development of electric-bicycles must be pay more attention to the safety of the emergency switch. To ensure our safety, we can through the emergency switch to control the electric-bicycles if have an emergency phenomenons on the road. By the way, our company has AED series of emergency switch, it is very safety and easy to install, which will be your good choice once you considered the emergency switch.