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Stamping production process

Dec 24, 2016

Stamping, casting is an important means of processing, these two processes can play an important 

role in the field of automobile manufacturing, whether it is casting or stamping, for quality auto 

body, are the basis of guarantee. That is, stamping parts quality will directly affect the quality of 

the car, and therefore must undergo a rigorous inspection and qualified to use.

1 material, stamping parts quality content inspection

Before the production of stamping parts, to a 

comprehensive and detailed examination of materials to 

ensure their compliance with production conditions, in order to avoid problems continued into the workpiece.

2, mass production of the first stamping the necessity

Because of first stamping quality determines the quality of the entire batch, so checks must not be careless, 

mainly observed stampings whether there are defects such as cracking, folding and deformation.

3, online zone checking and extracting of stamping parts production checks

In order to improve the qualification rate of the workpiece, need to zone checking by Visual Tools, but also to 

carry out spot checks on all stages of the production of stamping parts, in order to better control the overall quality.

4, punching accuracy testing

Mainly use the tools the stamping full scale accuracy testing, reach larger workpieces to rate changes in advance for 

early warning purposes, so as to avoid affecting the dimensional accuracy of products as a whole.

5, stamping out check

This is product manufactured before the last mark, again through outbound checks confirm the quality and accuracy of 

stampings to prevent unqualified products into the market, both for the user and manufacturer, is very bad.