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Silver contacts application in low voltage electrical apparatus

Dec 24, 2016

Silver contact in low voltage electrical apparatus in which application?

Silver contact is one way to compare widely used at that time, choose to 

use this method of electrical contact products made mainly of silver tin 

oxide, silver tin oxide of Indium oxide zinc oxide, silver oxide, silver 

copper, Silver-cadmium oxide contact series.

Silver point product features are as follows:

① alloy in oxide electrical contact materials prepared with fine well, 

oxide particle slender, arc corrosion resistance, long service life.

II silver oxidation Tin, silver oxidation Tin oxidation indium, and silver 

oxidation zinc, and silver oxidation copper, and silver oxidation CD, touch 

head products in the added nickel, and re, trace elements, selection low 

temperature high pressure oxidation skills, arrived in products particles 

slender, and dispersion strengthened of effect, progress products of mechanical 

strength, improved touch head material of anti-melt welding sex, and resistance 

arc burn loss and resistance electric wear talent.

③ selection of melting spray, contact oxidation, grain refinement, arranging 

the material evenly, micro-structure there is no segregation, elimination of oxides,

barren area, make excellent function of the contact materials.