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Photovoltaic Power Generation System

May 22, 2018

Photovoltaic power generation is a technology that converts light energy directly into electric energy by using the photovoltaic effect of semiconductor interface. The key component of this technique is solar cells. Solar cells are encapsulated and protected after connecting in series and can form a large area of solar modules, and coupled with the power controller and other components to form a photovoltaic power generation device.

Photovoltaic power generation system has the following characteristics:

(1) There is no turning part, no noise is generated.

(2) No air pollution, no discharge of waste water.

(3) No combustion process, no fuel required.

(4) Simple maintenance, low maintenance cost.

(5) Reliable operation, no working fluid consumption.

(6) As a key part- the solar cell with long service life.

(7) Instant start, as long as there is a sun, can generate electricity, and is suitable for the establishment of distributed substations.

(8) Easy installation, short construction cycle, it is easy to expand the scale of power generation according to the need.

(9) Size is suitable (100W~100MW).