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Method of purchase

Dec 24, 2016

1. when installing the pressure transmitter should be sensitive axis perpendicular to the direction of gravity, if the installation conditions, it shall be fixed after adjusting the transmitters zero to standard values. 2. residual pressure release is out, and therefore has a zero down. Excluding the best method is to remove the sensor for this reason, direct look at zero is normal, if you try again correctly replace the seal.

3. pressure transmitter output does not change, sudden change of pressure transmitter output, pressure transmitters the zero never go back. The reasons for this phenomenon is most likely caused by a pressure sensor sealing ring

4. meets power requirements and loads of power and transmitter equipment for wiring errors. If the transmitter terminals no voltage or polarity reversed may cause transmitter no voltage signal output.

5. the pressure sensor and the transmitter casing grounding, signal cable shall not be mixed with the power cable laying, sensors and transmitters should be avoided around strong electromagnetic interference. Sensor and transmitter in use shall be carried out according to industry regularly.

6. when users select pressure sensors and transmitters, you should fully understand the conditions of pressure measurement system, rational choice as needed, allowing the system to work optimally, and reduce the cost.

7. by isolating and measuring components within the filled liquid transmit to both sides of the diaphragm. Measuring electrode and insulation film on both sides of the membrane form a capacitor.

8. pressure transmitters require weekly inspection, testing once each month, primarily remove dust from inside the instrument, careful checking of the electrical components, the output current value should always proofread, pressure transmitter is weak, must be separated with external power.