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How to operate the Off-road vehicle Winches

Jun 11, 2018

1. Before pulling: before using the winch to pull, make sure that the cable twines integrally around the drum.

2. Place a mat: If the cable is pulled out, it should be prevented from swinging back and forth. If the cable is broken, the wire rope swinging back and forth can be very dangerous. To avoid this danger, should place a mat on the tight wire.

3. Start dragging: If you pull your car with a wire rope and if you have to drive in the car, it's best to have someone help you outside the car. In this way, you can manipulate the winch in the car according to the instructions of the outside conductor.

4. Attention: If the cable is twisted together, be sure to pull it apart. The wire ropes are easily cross over or to be uneven on one side. Therefore, pay close attention to its state.

5. Complete dragging: When the car can walk freely, the drag is complete. Once back on the ground, check the condition of the vehicle and the wire rope.

6. Roll up the cable: strain the cable and return it carefully. If the cable crosses or twists on the drum, you have to undo it completely and then rewind it.

7. Place well the hook: When only a little wire rope is left, tie the hook to the side of the winch, then roll up the remaining wire and press the hook.

8. Remove the remote control: Remove the remote control.