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How to improve life of contactors

Dec 24, 2016

Contact is important for low voltage electrical components, quality evaluation and their length of life is one of the main indicators, 

taken a number of measures to improve the life is very important.

Suction characteristics and counterforce characteristics of reasonable cooperation can improve the life of contactors. Contactor 

tripping voltage for 85%~110%Un.

Contact closure and core absorption of timely contact first and second beat may lead to increase in contact welding and its erosion. 

In order to reduce the contact bounce time should be reduced the mass and velocity of the contact and contact load of increasing contact. 

In order to reduce and prevent contact of the second bounce (due to high starting current, much more serious), in addition to suction 

characteristics and good cooperation to reduce the impact of the force characteristic energy, electromagnetic systems also need to install 

buffer to absorb the kinetic energy of the armature.

Rotational structure, appropriately changing the armature support arm and the leverage ratio between the contact arm, the contact pressure 

of the contact and the closing speed can be changed, so as to improve the contact bounce.

Exchange core the magnetic ring is a weak point on the machine. When the armature and core impact, shading coil overhang outside the core 

part of the root and corner the maximum stress, often easily fracture. CCFL technology is embedded in the core of static magnetic ring tight 

end of the trough, and on its perimeter for the adhesive glued to increase mechanical strength.

In order to improve the mechanical life of contactors, also may be appropriate to increase surface area and to reduce impact stress. AC and 

DC core edges in polar part of the core, also through hardening treatment to prolong life. Where the rotating part reasonable to adopt the 

motion, such as the use of low coefficient of friction, wear resistance strong plastic-plastic or plastic-metal joints, or in the thermal 

inversion of plastic, add a small amount of molybdenum disulphide or graphite, to manufacture bearings or guide, to reduce the friction 

coefficient and increase wear resistance, are very effective.