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Electric Motor Car

May 07, 2018

As the China's environmental standards continuing to improve, the people's awareness of environmental protection raising, as well as the government continuing to introduce environmentally friendly products preferential policies, the future of energy-saving and environmental protection motorcycles will be the technical highlights and development direction.

At present, the development of new energy motorcycles is still in the initial stage, compared with the whole motorcycle market share is very small, and there are not many brands that achieve mass production. As the new energy of motorcycles is an inevitable trend, many traditional motorcycle international brands are in the development of new energy motorcycles, and mostly are in the performance testing stage. Due to the market competition is not many, the Chinese motorcycle industry is facing a lot of new opportunities.

In 2016 State Council executive meeting decided to promote the integration development of "Internet +" and "Made in China 2025", to cultivate new models, new forms and new products of manufacturing industry. The new energy motorcycle can combine with "networked" and " intelligentialize " to proceed the industrial innovation, pull off the grade gap with electric vehicle, and bring new vigor to the motorcycle industry.

In the revolution of the motorcycle Green transformation and upgrade, some emerging companies that are focus on the new energy motorcycle design, have made the substantial development in recent years and went to the front of the traditional motorcycle manufacturer. This kind of motorcycle take the beautiful and humanized design, mobile phone and motorcycle interconnection, as well as electricity and direct charging hybrid charging method as selling point, and its’ development direction is light, energy saving, security, intelligence.