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Electric Forklift

May 04, 2018

Forklift is an industrial handling truck, and is used for loading, stacking and short transporting goods, and is usually powered by fuel engine or battery. And it is widely used in ports, stations, airports, freight yards, factory workshops, warehouses, circulation centers, distribution centers and etc., and it is necessary equipment for pallet transportation and container transportation.

The electric forklift, which driving motor and hydraulic system motor are powered by battery to achieve driving, loading and unloading operations. It works by turning chemical energy into electricity.

Precautions for battery:

During the charging and discharging of the battery, the water in the electrolyte will decrease gradually because of the electrolysis and evaporation, which leads to the decrease of the electrolyte level. If not supplemented in time, it is possible to shorten the battery life, so should be timely replenishment of distilled water. Avoid using the drinking purified water instead, because the pure water contains a variety of trace elements, will have a bad effect on the battery.

When adding electrolyte or water to the battery, it should be noted that the electrolyte is higher than the plate 10 to 15 mm; there are two red lines of the battery, electrolyte must not exceed the red line. If the electrolyte is too full, it will overflow from the small hole in the battery cover. Once flowing to between the battery positive and negative two poles, will form a circuit self-discharge. In this case, the electrolyte should be wiped off, or rinsed with boiling water.

If something accidentally fell into while adding the electrolyte, you cannot use metal tool to remove, should use sticks to clip out impurities.

     And if the vehicle stops running for more than 20 days, the negative wire of the battery should be removed to avoid leakage accident.