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Contact performance of AC contactor

Dec 24, 2016

AC and DC now uses in the city, was applied to a variety of fields, and now also in the machinery and equipment used to power, now power equipment for the city's significance. And when it comes to electricity transmission, AC, use a lot devices for regulating circuit equipment operation, or to monitor and protect the results. Such a role for the current value is relatively high, and on the use of the now classic parts, AC contactor cores, this is an AC contactor played a crucial role in the device.

Current AC contactor is for control circuit devices, mainly played a role in opening and disconnect the circuit. The series AC contactors and relays or other circuit protection combined with a magnetic starter, which is great. Such devices included very important contacts, that is the core of AC contactor, which is a static core, for this device, it is played a crucial part in the coil, it can cause large magnetic induction, for power after the current has some access to Ascension.