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Connectors use the factors which

Dec 24, 2016

Pin connectors use variance factors, such as:

As computer Board Shang on has many connection device, simple points of external to internal of say you of USB interface, chassis Shang of power interface, are is connection device, just subdivision has said is is unlikely to as of connection device, in to internal, Board and Board of connection, like is graphics of card slot, that is connection device, that form should called gold finger, connection device widely for all field, like car, PC, industrial computer, communications, many field.

Influence factors of electronic connectors:

1. temperature: accelerated corrosion, forming surface, oxidation, contact pressure losses;

2. humidity: accelerated corrosion, forming surface, oxidation, degradation of plastic film;

3. transport and storage: in the course of transport, such as collisions will cause damage for the connector.

4. wear: connector at the time when wear occurs.