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Connectors as indispensable components in electronic products

Dec 24, 2016

In today's electronic product functions, modular design, connector as indispensable components in electronic products, 

play an increasingly important role. It is well known that connector in the Tablet area Flex, mobile phones and other 

consumer electronics, like a fish in water combined with support of China's new energy plan, all kinds of electric products 

are born, from small electric scooters, flat road, electric bikes up to mark Tesla's listing. All kinds of power connectors, 

plug, battery connectors, battery connectors, quick connectors, electrical connectors, high current connectors, Anderson power

products,APP connectors, modular connectors, industrial connectors came into being. With the mature consumer electronics 

technology, as well as access to this connector, in the field of enterprise technology for growth and stability, connectors 

already fierce competition in the consumer electronics field, new applications have become the connector manufacturers to explore 

the direction of the market. Then, power connector which is characterized by high growth market? Different market, what are the 

new requirements for connectors? What is the future direction of technology development? In a wide variety of issues, rivers, 

Dongguan city (NBC) Electronics Co Ltd summarize my general direction.

Power connector, quick charge plug, battery connections, high-current connectors industrial connectors, connectors, modular, 

miniaturization, and so on, not just consumer electronics trends, presents the trends in the field of industrial application. 

When other components becoming smaller, the miniaturization of connectors of course. Connect a modular trend in industry. 

For more detailed division of labor, non-professional part of outsourcing, technology maturity and cost are more competitive.

In addition to connector technology maturity and competitiveness, there is stable demand for miniaturization. For consumer 

electronics products, is extremely compact and highly integrated solutions and platforms demands connector sizes getting 

smaller and smaller. In fact, due to the limited available space, automotive, aerospace and medical industries has proposed 

to design a variety of constraints and I steady demand. Similarly, in the data center, space requirements needs to be kept 

to a minimum, thus reducing cooling costs. However, the size becomes smaller and are often still need to retain their high 

performance and stability.

Connector size gets smaller, this connector design, design and laboratory-proven reliability, processing requirements are higher. 

This requires designers design concept changed, not only in the existing standard or platform product development, more in-depth 

study of actual use of the environment, the development of personalized products, also consider cost reduction. These manufacturers 

is a challenge for the connector a connector upgrades, better design, more rational use.