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Cautions for the Off-road vehicle Winches

Jun 09, 2018

1. Before each use of the winch, and while using the winch accessories, please check whether the winch is installed securely, and parts are reliable, and check the working conditions of each part, such as the clutch position.

2. When using a winch, please keep away from flammable and explosive gases or liquids

3. Use electric winches in a suitable working environment to avoid using winches in wet environments or in rain.

4. Keep children away at all times while the winch is working, and perform necessary site cleaning and site management.

5. Use a winch within the winch calibration tension range. Do not overload. Calculate the workload of the winch correctly based on other influencing factors, including but not limited to the slope and the degree of ground friction of the location of the rescued vehicle.

6. Pay attention to the potential security threats including dress, gloves, long hair, and accessories, when using a winch. At the same time, it is forbidden to operate the winch if it is in the after-drink, tired, lethargic or other uncomfortable situation.

7. Be diligent in observing and listening to determine the working status and potential failure of the winch.

8. After using the winch, it should be cleaned and oiled as soon as possible.

9. When the winch is not to be used for a long time, the winch should be stored in a dry and clean place, loosen the clutch and avoid children touching.

10. When the winch parts and the winch tools need to be replaced, should adopt the professional relevant products and it is prohibited to replace by general tools or civil products.