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Button operation mode, protection mode

Dec 24, 2016

Buttons can be classified according to the operation mode, protection mode, common button types and features:

Open type: fixed applies to embedded in switch boards and control cabinet or console Panel. Code-named k.

-Protection: protective housing, will prevent the internal button parts subject to mechanical damage or touch live parts, code-named h.

Waterproof type: sealed enclosure, can prevent water intrusion. Code named s.

Corrosion protection: prevent the intrusion of chemical corrosive gases. Code-named f.

Explosion-proof type: can be used for explosive gas and dust without causing detonation, such as coal mining and other places. Code for b.

-Knob: rotate contacts with my hands, breaking two locations, typically a panel mount. Codenamed x.

-Key: operation with the keys to the rotation to prevent incorrect operation or for special operations. Code named y.

Urgent: big red mushroom button protrudes from the outer, used for emergency power off. Code-named j or m.

Self button: button is equipped with self-electromagnet, mainly used for power plants, substations or test equipment, operator communication signals and issue instructions, generally for Panel operation. Code named z.

Illuminated buttons: button is equipped with lights, in addition to publishing operations command, doubles as a signal that, used in many control cabinets, control panels. Code named d.

Modular: multiple button combinations. Code named e.

Interlocking: multiple contacts are interlocked with each other. Code for c.