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Analysis of new energy automobile HVDC relay and contacto r(2)

Jan 16, 2019

What is the relationship between the main contact and the auxiliary contact?

Auxiliary contacts are used to detect the current state of the main contact, Check whether the main contact is disconnected as consistent as the control instruction, and determine whether the main contact is invalid.

What can relays and contactors do?

1.The relay can be connected and disconnected remotely in the circuit, realize remote switch function.

2.Switching current circuit by on - off can realize multi - circuit mutual cutting function

3.circuit is realized by multi-line mutual cutting function, so as to realize device miniaturization

4.With other components to form an automatic control circuit

5. With other components constitute a real-time detection monitoring security mechanism.

6. With the system to prevent electric shock, fire, equipment damage and other automatic cut off protection.

7. Automatic industrialization

8. The relay is the core component of the control circuit and the core component of the new energy vehicle

Application and range of HVDC relay

  1.        Mainly for the new energy industry in the automobile, solar energy, wind energy, charging pile, power storage system, industrial automation, to achieve power protection, automation, movement, remote control, measurement and communication.

  2. discharging lines in new energy vehicles, Combined with safety mechanisms to prevent equipment failure or short circuit, fire, etc., automatic detection and isolation of fault lines, prevent further expansion of the scope of damaged equipment, save maintenance costs, prevent leakage protection, and effectively improve the battery life, on and off control of air conditioning, steering, braking, air pump, motor, etc. is the core component of new energy vehicles

  3. disconnect the charging pile, automatically detect and protect, and prevent improper operations such as overcharging, electric shock and leakage

  4. power generation application in the real-time detection system, auxiliary solar panel detection system, aging, damage, short circuit panels for isolation, to reduce the impact of efficiency, the system remotely controls the panel for maintenance, preventing electric shock and leakage, saving maintenance costs and expanding the scope of damage, thus improving the life of the power board

  5. leakage detection system is constructed to prevent the impact of surge on battery life, prevent overcharging, overdischarge and other protection.